Torn between Places

It's either one or the other, both doesn't work since you cannot be in two places at the same time. Being on the road, cycling, walking, driving - just travelling - forces you to just be in that one moment. This is not about arriving or staying or getting somewhere, it is much more about … Continue reading Torn between Places


Summertour 2018: Around Northern Germany

Hello everyone, living in East Germany and having travelled already to countries lying West, East, South and North of my home country, I figured: Before I look even further on the map, it's time to get around Germany itself. And knowing how to travel by bike from my tour in 2017, it was an easy … Continue reading Summertour 2018: Around Northern Germany

Weimar – my home in the East

Hello everyone 🙂 Winter was quite strong in Germany - the Southern parts have been troubled with snow masses in January and then it got really cold all over the country for about 10 - with around -10 degrees at night. Due to that, I got the chance for a real winter experience with a … Continue reading Weimar – my home in the East

In your Face!

Happy New Year everyone! It's already a month old and life continues as before and in some regards everyone is wondering how crazy 2019 will be, considering all the madness that happened in 2018. However, it actually is possible.. monthlong American shut-down due to Trumps wall plans at the Mexican border, the British parliament not … Continue reading In your Face!