Torn between Places

It’s either one or the other,
both doesn’t work since you cannot be in two places at the same time.

Being on the road, cycling, walking, driving – just travelling – forces you to just be in that one moment. This is not about arriving or staying or getting somewhere, it is much more about moving. The constant progress you’re making every second, each step you go, every meter you roll, makes you realise that this is an endless path you’re on and you just continue no matter what. Even in everyday life with work, school, friends, family and everything else, it’s always about making the next step and moving on bit by bit – until finally you might have achieved something bigger, which is just the accumulation of so many steps along the way.

Travelling always relaxes me and helps me to calm down, refocus on what is important.
It might seem totally contrary since it involves so much movement, many changes and new impressions but at the same time it creates a feeling of freedom which is vital to me. This movement and going on step by step reminds me that no matter what happens life will go on and it never stops. Especially in some difficult situations on the bike and in everyday life it’s good to remember the many times when I’ve cycled through rain for hours and found a nice restaurant for lunch or arrived at a great place to stay for the night. The relief in those moments is amazing. And there’s another thing I learned through travelling. There are many kind and friendly people out there willing to give you a hand and help you out but you still need to ask and say what you need. Talking, communicating, asking for help might not always be easy but I’ve rarely been turned down completely.

Even though I enjoy life on the road – just moving on, only carrying with me what I really need and always about to start a new adventure, meet new people and discover places I haven’t seen before – being a nomad can be hard once in a while. I never fully settle in a place or with the people but it’s always just another stop along the way.

I’m lucky enough due to travel and having lived in various places to call several areas my home. And it is an honour and a privilege to have all these memories in mind and people and places in my life to go back to and visit. However, I’m starting to wonder how to combine those two contrasting wishes – enjoying the life on the road as well as longing for a place to settle down, not just for work or studies but also including the people. I cannot name the driving force that makes me plan all my trips, look for new places to go to, which somehow never stops me from commuting between at least two places. I’ve never seen myself working in 40-hours office job all week and just escape at the weekend, however I cannot imagine myself travelling all year with no place to rest either. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just walking away from places in order to not to feel too comfortable and avoid some closer relationship(s). Even though in the end I always come back…. and to be honest I’ve been hesitating a lot about writing this text and whether I should put it online or not. In the end it’s just another travel story like so many others..

No matter what it’ll be another bunch of steps to move on with and I’m sure there’s another adventure just waiting around the corner. I’m looking forward to many more journeys through countries and cultures as well as just in everyday life!

Be my guest if you like, follow along
and make sure to enjoy every step of your own way!


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