In your Face!

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s already a month old and life continues as before and in some regards everyone is wondering how crazy 2019 will be, considering all the madness that happened in 2018. However, it actually is possible.. monthlong American shut-down due to Trumps wall plans at the Mexican border, the British parliament not being able to find a solution that prevents a hard border in Ireland and a Swedish girl touring all over Europe protesting against climate politics – just to name a few. The world we live in is a crazy place and in the end, we all need to deal with it and make the best out of it – now and in the future to come. 🙂

Having that in mind, I had a bit of funny and very impressing weekend. About two weeks ago my choir had the usual semester concert and amongst other we sang a pop song which had already been made fun of by a very popular German comedian, Jan Böhmermann. In times of social media he was informed about our performance and invited us to his show in Leipzig. So, last Friday we took a bus from Weimar to Leipzig and got to meet Jan, his crew and perform the song Señorita, originally from Piedro Lombardi and Kay One. Since we were the last act that night, we could watch the whole show before that and got to see many satiric songs about current politics. The light and sound show was amazing and we had really good time. Being on stage then, felt incredible. Have a look here, if you like.

Just a day after that I was at the theatre in Weimar to watch »A Clockwork Orange« including songs from Rammstein, a German hard rock – metal band. Compared to the night before, the theatre is much older and the light and sound system is completely different. However the technicians as well as the actors really know how to do a good show. I was amazed by the power on stage. Especially since I’ve seen operas and other plays on the exact same stage before with a similar cast as well.

Driving home, I realised even though the original play »A Clockwork Orange« is already more than 50 years old and the songs from Jan Böhmermann have been written for special current causes – in the end I saw two show that made very clear how things shouldn’t be and that change is needed!

In German you could describe both shows like »Zwei Stunden auf die Fresse!« (like ›Two hours in your face!‹).

Each night had a very different approach and setting, it’s even hard to compare the content but the message they send is loud and clear and to me, it’s very similar!

Let’s face the change together and keep talking about it,
cheers, Anna


Photo credit: © Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld



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