Hello everyone,

back again in Germany after a great journey through Eastern Europe, I got a lot to think about, tell friends and family about my experiences and edit all the pictures I made. However, meeting people during my travels is one of the most exciting parts no matter where I go. Even though you’ll often just meet someone for a day and never see them again. Milee, though, an Indian girl, I met in Budapest, has been working in Cologne until May 2017 and so we stayed in touch and decided to meet again.

Both being frenetic travellers and always up for a new adventure, we booked a train to Heidelberg for an early Sunday morning in April.

Beautiful weather and full trains – but we’re happy to get the chance to travel together and explore another bit of Germany. The cosy city of Heidelberg, south of Frankfurt, is perfect for a little day trip from the Rhineland. Just a few hours drive and we arrive in the middle of nice little town, take the bus to the castle and so it begins.

170409-Heidelberg-4Strolling through the castle grounds, listening a guide telling us about some historical details and later walking down into the Old Town. Following some advises from a friend who studied in Heidelberg, we follow the river for while, enjoy the view on the vineyards and getting lunch in a cosy little sidestreet.

prebook tours if you like them, maybe do a freewalking tour170409-Heidelberg-12

Later we take a break at Heidelberg University, just relaxing in the first warm German sun of the year. Along the river, people already start sunbathing and getting ready for the outdoor swimming season.

Due to our train back, we can only join the free walking tour for a little bit instead of doing the full round. It’s a pity because the tour is organised and led by students who give you a totally different view on the city compared to many historical and touristee tours.


If you like walking tours in town or at historical sites like the castle, it might be worth checking times and availability before you arrive. Sometimes that saves you from several things happening at the same time or you just don’t have to wait as long. 😉

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So far about my little glimpse into this lovely city at the Neckar. Thanks for the great travel experience, Miliee, hope to see you again later this year or even in 2018.

My travel diaries on here continue with some bigger trips to Northern and Southern Europe. Great pictures and stories are in the making…
Any special details you would like to know? And what about you? What’s your current or next trip? 🙂 Let me know.

Cheers, Anna


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